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Business Plans

Purpose and Profits prepares customized, 3 year business plans which include an executive summary, description of the company and industry, market analysis and strategy, operations, management and financial projections.

Strategic Plans

Established businesses need strategic plans to assess current performance, set goals and develop a strategy for enhanced success, in light of market trends, production capacity, relevant technology innovation, and other factors that impact the direction and planned success of the company.

Marketing Plans

A marketing section is included in all business and strategic plans. Sometimes a company desires only a marketing plan to assist in understanding the current market and trends that may impact the market or industry in the future. Purpose and Profits can produce the information your company needs to flourish.

Pitch Decks

Purpose and Profits can either prepare a pitch deck from your company’s current business plan and other materials, or develop a pitch deck after developing a business or strategic plan.

Financial Projections

Profits rarely just happen. Good financial projections are essential in assisting business owners in assessing fiscal health, setting financial goals and later monitoring profits in a timely manner, that will allow them to make adjustments for opportunities or shortfalls. All investors and lenders will do a careful review of the financial section of a business plan. Entrepreneurs can save an enormous amount of time and have confidence that the financials are completed correctly by having Purpose and Profits complete this section of their business plan.

Investor Presentations

Investor presentations are custom developed based on the specifications of investor groups. This may include a pitch deck and other materials needed to secure funding from prospective investors.

Loan Packaging

This service offers entrepreneurs assistance in completing business loan applications.

Human Resources

Purpose and Profits offers a comprehensive range of HR Management services, including staffing, organizational development, policy development, job description development and training.

Business Plan

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Additional Services

Our additional services include updating and enhancing your business plan, helping you navigate procurement processes, and achieving business certifications.

Business Plan Revisions and Updates

Refining and improving your existing business strategies and plans.

Procurement Assistance Services

Assisting with securing contracts and purchasing opportunities.

Business Certification

Helping your business achieve and maintain relevant certifications and qualifications.

Business Procurement

Streamlining and optimizing your procurement processes and practices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQ answers commonly asked questions about our services, to ensure that our clients have a clear understanding of our process and how we can best serve them.

Why should I hire Purpose and Profits to write my business plan?

We save you time. We offer you the advantage of top quality research and a professional presentation with a minimal investment of your time.

How long does it take to complete a business plan?

Generally speaking, given the interactive nature of strategy development and research, a plan takes 4 to 6 weeks. Plans may be completed in a shorter period of time for a premium.

Is there a payment plan available for Purpose and Profits services?

Yes. The price for business and strategic plans is divided into 3 payments. The first payment is submitted as a retainer to begin services. The second payment is made when the narrative is presented. The final payment is made when the financials are presented. For all services, there is a retainer to commence work and a final payment due before the completed project is presented. A discount is also available to clients who prefer to pay in full upon beginning the project.

What if I just need help with the financial projections for my business plan?

Purpose and Profits will prepare your financial projections based on financial statements from previous years and the marketing goals and other relevant information indicated in the narrative of your business plan.

What is a Pitch Deck?

A pitch deck is commonly used for investor presentations. It is a succinct, attractive digital presentation that presents your business case to prospective investors or others who might contribute to the support or success of your business.

What is procurement?

Generally speaking, procurement refers to the acquisition of goods and /or services.  Procurement opportunities, generally speaking, are purchasing contracts from government agencies.  A business that can demonstrate the capacity to fulfill major purchase orders from government agencies, can bid on contracts that are often from $10,000 to several million dollars. Similar large scale contracts are also available in the private sector.

Is there any advantage to having a business enterprise certification?

WBE (Woman Business Enterprise), MBE (Minority Business Enterprise) and DBE (Disadvantaged Business Enterprise) are all business enterprise certifications.  Business certification is not always a prerequisite for acquiring major contracts; however, in a competitive market, it can definitely be an advantage. Many government agencies, as well as corporations that receive federal dollars, have set aside programs that require them to purchase goods or services from small businesses.

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With decades of experience, our consulting services empower businesses to fulfill their highest purpose and achieve exceptional success, resulting in a stronger economy and a better future for all. We partner with you to turn your vision into a reality.


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Our services help entrepreneurs achieve their highest purpose and phenomenal success through customized consulting plans, industry-specific expertise, and comprehensive business solutions.


Our services empower startups with customized consulting, expert guidance, and comprehensive business solutions to achieve their growth and scaling goals.

Private for-profit

We provide private for-profit companies with customized consulting and comprehensive business solutions to achieve their objectives and drive growth.

Public for-profit

We offer public for-profit corporations customized consulting and comprehensive business solutions to achieve their objectives and enhance their competitiveness.


We offer healthcare clients customized consulting and comprehensive business solutions to improve patient care, operational efficiency, and financial performance.


We provide non-profit organizations with customized consulting and comprehensive business solutions to achieve their mission and drive social impact.

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